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AIR UNITS MACT/P 302/401/403

It is light, easy to assemble and save more space. Also with plenty of options, high compatibility and can change combination based on demands.



Mindman Company Profile

Mindman Industrial Co., Ltd. was initially founded in 1979 with an aim to constantly provide reliable pneumatic equipment for a wide variety of industrial users.



Solenoid Valve MVSP

Low power consumption: DC power 0.95W, It can save over 70% power consumption compared with other brand (3W).




MCRH rotary gripper

Modular design versions of the series gripper as well as of parallel gripper, 3-finger-concentric gripper, 180° angular gripper. The dimension and size is 22% less comparing to the traditional model.




Electric Actuarors

Various slide options, Patent oil add hold (Option),High rigidity body and cover, Can customize screw specification and brand to match different precision and speed.





Taipei Automation Exhibition 2017

Solenoid valves, Air treatment units, Air cylinders, Grippers, Table, Pallet control system, Tubing, Fittings and so on.