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Product Safety Guide

 Before selecting model and servicing of the product, read throughly this CAUTIONS FOR SAFETY for the proper usage.

 The following cautions are for the purpose of preventing your personnel from suffering injury, by following the proper usage of the products.

 Items are classified in three categories, DANGER, WARNINGand CAUTION. All items are crucial for the safety and need to be followed without exception.



※ For the correct handling, please read the instruction manual before installing and servicing of the product.





Applies to all products on the website

▶ Do not use any of our products for the purpose of maintenance and care of human life or body.

 Do not use any product in the condition or the environment other than stipulated in the specification or where the hazardous stuff exists.

 When installing a product, refer to the instruction manual for mounting style and fix securely (including the work carrier). Otherwise products may topple, fall, and operates out of control causing the injury of personnel.

 Disassembling and reassembling of products should be made by the personnel who has enough knowledge and experience.

 Depressurize products before disassembling or reassembling.

 Do not remodel the products.




Applies to all products on the website

 When servicing, keep within the working pressure range and voltage.

 At a place where water or oil drops and where is much dust, cover the equipment. Otherwise damage and trouble will be caused.

 Do not operate if the fluid or atmosphere contains the substance which may cause corrosion. Otherwise damage and trouble will be caused.

 Do not touch the terminal part or switches, etc. when the product is energized. It may cause the inaccurate operation and the electric shock from the short circuit and the circuit trouble.

 Do not stand on, use as a footing, or put things on the product. You may miss your step and fall, and the falling product may cause the injury of personnel. Also the product may get damaged causing the inaccurate operation and hazardous moves out of control.

Pneumatic Actuator

▶ When starting operation, pay the full attention to the cylinder's moving direction.

 Cords such as the sensor switch's lead wire hould not be damaged.Damaging, forcing, twisting tugging, winding, putting on a heavy object, and pinching will cause fire, electric shock abnormal operation by short circuit or circuit error.

 Use cylinder at the speed below 500mm/sec. Otherwise damage and trouble will be caused. However if the load is large and the speed is fast even below the maximum, direct impact on the cylinder must be avoided, by using the external stopper, etc.


Pneumatic Valve.Pneumatic Accessories.Sensor Switch

 Cords such as the pressure switch's lead wire, solenoid valve's power supply cord should not be damaged. Damaging, forcing, twisting, tugging, winding, putting heavy object on, and pinching will cause fire, electric shock, abnormal operation by short circuit or circuit error.

 Do not use filter or lubricator without a case guard.

 For filter and lubricator, do not use a flawed or stained case.





Applies to all products on the website

▶ If necessary, use protection glove, protection glasses, and safety shoes to secure the safety when operating products.

▶ For the easy maintenance, enough space around the product should be provided.

▶ When mounting, flush inside throughly to remove chips from piping, and seal tape, rust and dusts, in order to prevent troubles such as air leak.

▶ When screwing in the fittings, fasten with the tie torque of proper size to the connection size.

▶ Use clean air. Equip an air filter near the equipment to remove drain, dusts and etc. Periodically remove drain from the filter.

▶ Spindle oil and machine oil must not be used for lubrication, or the swelled packings will cause operation troubles.

▶ Operation below the temperature 5°c must be paid the full attention since it may cause the freezing of drain.

▶ Magnetic products such as disk card, tape, and tester must be kept away from the magnet-equipped cylinder and solenoid valve's solenoid part.

▶ When the product is no longer available for operation or needed, discard in a proper way as an industrial waste.

▶ Do not throw the product into fire. The product may explode or the toxic gas may be generated.


Pneumatic Actuator

▶ Products should be mounted on the plane face. Mounting on the warped face causes poor accuracy, air leak and troubles.

▶ Flaw or dent on the mounting part of the cylinder may make the uneven face.

▶ The chafing parts of piston rod and guide rod must be free from flaw or dent. Otherwise packings got damaged and air will leak.

▶ When the cylinder draws, be careful not to put yourself between the cylinder and the link bar at the top (Twin guide cylinder).

▶ Products do not need lubrication since they are initially lubricated. For lubrication, use turbine oil first class (ISO VG32) or the equivalent. Please check the consumption rate at least once a day. If the lubricant is not normally consumed, there may be some problem on lubricated objects.

▶ Sensor switch which senses the cylinder position must not be operated in the magnetically disturbed area. It will react to the magnetism and the sensing accuracy will be disturbed.

▶ If the two switch-equipped cylinders aremounted close in parallel, a switch may react to the another cylinder's moving magnet, and effects on the sensing accuracy.

▶ Avoid the load over the switch 's allowable maximum load.


Pneumatic Valve.Pneumatic Accessories.Sensor Switch

▶ Flaw or dent on the mounting part of the cylinder may make the uneven face.

▶ Do not use solenoid valve, pressure switch, flow switch, on foot switch in the environment where the large electric current or the strong magnetism exist.

▶ As for solenoid valve, check in the instruction manual whether the lubrication is needed. If needed, use turbine oil first class ISO VG32 on the equivalent.

▶ In the case of double solenoid valve, do not energize both solenoids.

▶ Avoid the load over the switch's allowable maximum load.