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About Us Words from President

Words from President


Keep Quality Advancing, Satisfying Customers Demand


Mindman Industrial Co., Ltd. Started its backward integration to concentrate on manufacturing pneumatic components in 1988. In the past twenty years, all Mindman employees have devoted enormous efforts in keeping the company introducing more innovative products, improving the company's business operational scale, and gradually growing smoothly into the right track.


As to the future prospects,Mindman has set up its goal by streamlined its management with more emphasis on the quality control in order meet customer's complicated and continually changing demands. We will always continue to upgrade our product quality, to create the greatest benefits to the end users and associated partners, and to give back to the society.


Regarding the customers

Mindman plays a progressive and active role by providing our customers with the best afterservice, and diversification of product lines. Other areas including excellent quality, extremely competitive price, cost effectiveness, and prompt delivery are of course all our major concerns, We also do whatever we could to strengthen our customers' competitiveness on the market and hopefully we could both improve and grow up together.


As to the associated factories

We have established a stable supply- demand relationship with them. We always offer a reasonable profits to our associated factories and relatively demand the highest quality parts manufactured bythem. Only an uniformed high quality association between Mindman and its suppliers will lead to further cooperation in the joint development and manufacture of new products. Under this reciprocal relationship, both parties could enhance product quality and low down its producing cost to be able to survive in the ever- changing and high-competitive environment.


Regarding our employees

We consider every single member as one of a big family. We had provided a safe and stable working environment, a fair and steady-growing salary system, and a complete retirement program for our employees.Furthermore, we also offer a reasonable personal promotion and career planning system to the ones who need. In order to safeguard staff employment and to improve their technological knowledge along their career, we established an employee aftertax profit sharing program and intellectual and skill training programs.


As to the company's participation in social activities

Our attitude is based on "we will feed back whatever we take from the society within our affordable resources. "Mindman takes part in all community services which will improve the communication between the enterprise and the community. We believe it can create a common ground to bring in more prosperous and stable development to the society.


During the past twenty years, Mindman remained devoted to the expansion of its product ranges, enhanced its manufacturing capability, and created its larger business scale. Under the joint effort of all employees, Mindman has already established a strong foundation today. However, we will not stop our efforts simply due to current achievements. Mindman will continue to develop more product diversification and more multifunctional designs in order to provide both domestic and overseas clients with much better quality and service. Mindman will actively establish a brand - new international image for Taiwan's Pneumatic and Hydraulic Industry.rs and associated partners, and to give back to the society.